the african forum for mobility


To promote environmental sustainability in urban set ups in order to enhance social and economic development through the use of sustainable transport.



A socially and economically developed Nation where the marginalized and disadvantaged communities have better accessibility and enhanced mobility options for economic and sustainable development.


TAFMOD-U. TAFMOD-U is a young organization that is just starting with an aim of promoting and mobilizing cyclists in the Kampala metropolitan area and also to organize the stakeholders into cycle and environmentally friendly federation. As the economies and societies of Africa continue to develop it is important that this growth occurs in a sustainable fashion which benefits not only the stakeholders involved, but the world as a whole. The African Forum for Mobility and Development -Uganda(TAFMOD)… read more

Our Objective

The overall objective is to influence mobility policies for development in Africa.

To develop and promote strategies or policies that enhance a public transport system which is punctual, reliable, not overcrowded and accessible to all and has greater capacity, especially at peak times.

To facilitate greater ease of interchange and higher standards of customer understanding of the relationship between mobility and development.

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